Custom ChallengeMe Mute Jump Rope

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ChallengeMe is the worlds most advanced fitness challenge App!!
Featured in The Morning Chalk Up, Box Rox, Talking Elite Fitness & Wodapalooza!
It is a revolutionary fitness platform designed to enhance and increase engagement between followers, gym members, and friends.

ChallengeMe Edition Custom Mute Sports Jump Rope comes with one gold handle and one black handle.

*You can choose which cable you prefer and what length you need.

*We suggest adding three feet to your height for length.
Example:  If someone is 5’3″, they would order 8’3″ cable.

Choose from three cable diameters:
*Thicker Black cable weighs 5 grams per foot. (Beginner through linking about 20-30 double unders)
*Medium Blue cable weighs 3 grams per foot. (Little lighter for when linking 30-70 double unders)
*Thin Red cable weighs 2 grams per foot. (Super light for those who are proficient at double unders.

The jump rope cable is made with aircraft cable and is galvanized to prevent rust.
The upscale nylon coating wears well and does not crack.

Be sure to always jump on a smooth surface such as a gym floor.